Miss Fleet’s spelling challenge w/c 29.2.16

You will need to open Spelling City

Log in as a TEACHER

Log in: it@claremontprimaryschool.co.uk

Password: claremontITs

Select Year 5 Spelling list 1

Now open the spelling test google form

Drag one of the tabs and shrink it so that it takes up half the screen. Shrink the other tab to half a screen – you should now be able to see both screen

Listen to the word and sentence using Spelling City and write the answer in the google form.

Don’t forget to submit your response

A few paragraphs taken from the children’s work.

In a Matter of life or Death by Lewis                              


There I was in the creepy,damaged,dirty and silent grave yard.I was around and climbing on grave stones when suddenly,bang!I looked around and saw nothing.I got of the grave stone and had a good look around.After a while I found something it was a bird,a dead bird.Blood was dripping from its mouth and it looked a little dried out.


I looked around and couldn’t see because  of the foggy mist.Suddenly I heard the old damaged graveyard gate flow open.All I heard was my panting breath and footsteps getting closer and closer.


House of Horror by Martin


As I opened the rusty, metal gate I heard footsteps behind me, As I started wandering through the graveyard it felt like something was watching me.

Moments later an Icy fingers touched my shoulder and pushed me back through the rusty metal gate. I hit my head on something and it made a huge gash on the back of my head. I touched it and it was pouring with blood, I thought I was going to die.

As I stepped backwards and I realized I was no longer in the graveyard, all of a sudden it became dark A shrill cry echoed in the mist. When I went through the spooky,crooked door i heard someone whispered in my earIf you go in you will never come out.Eventually I decided to explore the house.

The possessed man by Ryan


I was cycling down as fast as i could to get to my best friends last location,the graveyard,.When i got there i tripped over a stone then i looked down and it was a hand.i went in and there was a old, spooky , horror mansion.I heard whispers around me saying”you’ll never leave we know both your friends.”


I wanted to leave but i had to find my friends,I tried to think and then i heard something in the trees. A horrifying cry that penetrated my bones causing me to freeze in fear. Suddenly the air turned black around me ten icy fingers gripped me and pulled me to the ground and knocked me out.

1 million minutes

I really enjoy participating in the one million minutes reading challenge and I can’t wait to see which class wins! I also want to know who wins out of my class. I think that it was a good idea to do this one million minutes challenge because people push themselves in reading time to get there class the most minutes. 

PGL Winmarleigh 2016

We all hope that all the year 6 children attend the P.G.L this year. (54 children attended in the previous year 6 class) The P.G.L ethos is built around ‘Challenge by choice’- Children are never pushed beyond their comfort zones; however their fully trained instructors have proven success in nurturing and supporting even the most apprehensive children. Many children discover a love for new, healthy pastimes and it is great deal of fun which children will remember for the rest of their lives.

The children will take part in activities such as abseiling, archery,raft building,quad biking and this is just to name a few. A list of activities will be shared at a later date with an itinerary.


If you need any more information regarding the trip or about payment, don’t hesitate to come and see myself or Mr Robinson.